Diasporans Extend D200, 000 Support to Late Ahmad Fatty’s Family

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Barely three months after his demise in Germany, family of the late Ahmad Fatty have received financial support from Gambians and other nationals living in the diaspora.
The 20-year-old Ahmad Fatty traveled to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea, like many other young Gambians, hoping for a better life but died in Germany after a brief illness.
Since his passing, Gambians and non-Gambians in the diaspora stood by his family in supporting the return of his remains to The Gambia for a befitting Muslim burial in his native village of Mandinaba.
Migration to Europe and other Western countries, through the Mediterranean Sea itself have led to serious negative impacts on many African families, including loss of lives and economy. They move has now taken a new trend with the influx of thousands of people joining the move from war-torn countries like Syria.
2015 was considered to be the worst migrant crisis since World War 2 in which over 1, 060,551 migrants reached Europe’s shores via land and sea (IOM Dec. 2015) with Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain, Hungary and Cyprus as the entry points.
Last year, another native of Mandinaba, Mustapha Sanneh also died in Italy following a prolonged sickness and his remains was flown to The Gambia for burial through the support of members of the community living in the diaspora.

Late Ahmad Fatty died in Germany in August

National Youth Council (NYC) Executive director, Lamin Darboe, who led a delegation to Ahmad’s family to hand over more than 200, 000 dalasis from individuals in Europe and America to support them praised the benevolence of the diasporans.
Mr Darboe, who is a native of the village said the money presented to Ahmad’s family is from different people in the diaspora who contributed greatly in supporting the young man’s family during the difficult time.
Migrants are primarily categorised into political and economic groups. Political migrants are those affected by the push factors such as civil unrest and wars (Sudan, Central African Republic, Eriteria, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Libya). Economic migrants are those described to be motivated by the push factors primarily for economic gains mainly from Africa, including The Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Mali and Guinea, registering over 150,200 in 2015.
The NYC boss said they expect that the gesture would help the family in many ways, especially his siblings in their education and other needs.
Members of the village development committee, the family and religious leaders all thanked the donors for the gesture, saying it will go long way in supporting the Fatty Kunda family.
They also expressed gratitude to Lamin Darboe and colleagues for facilitating the process leading to the family receiving the financial support.

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