David Kujabi: If truth be told, one would admit that our Gambia is in an unhealthy state

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: If truth be told, one would admit that our Gambia is in an unhealthy state, public relations officer of The Gambia Police Force David Kujabi wrote on his social media facebook wall on Wednesday.
Mr. Kujabie said one might wonder how he came up with such a diagnosis and he would point out to the country’s recent unsavory happenings, ranging from the Busumbala incident to Gunjur environment issues, Resident Doctors Strike toTeachers’ Strikeand Faraba Banta issue. Serrekunda market demonstration, rise in criminality, tribal animosity and so on are all signs and symptoms of ill-health in the coutry.
“Some may argue that we are undergoing a transition period after 22 years of dictatorship and such things are expected to happen. But I refuse to agree with that argument. Gambia has not changed in any way, I am still the David I was and I suppose so are you, unless if you had been living a lie and are now manifesting your true self,” he wrote.
Mr. Kujabi said for him, the only thing that has changed is the government but the people remain the same. “Our cultures, traditions, societal values, religions, national creed and even our dreams and aspirations remain the same. The Gambia remains our homeland but we seems to have lost our strive to work and pray that all may live in peace and unity. We are a small country with a small population yet our problems seem big.”
He said The Gambia may not be a super power or endowed with natural wealth but he believes that “we” are a good and beautiful people. “We may be Jola, Mandinka, Serahuli, Fula, Serrer, Manjago but we are still the same people. We may be Muslim, Christian, atheist or none-believer but we still remain the same people. We may support the green, yellow, blue, white, grey or whatever, yet we are still the same people of The Gambia,” the police spokesman wrote.
He said the country shares what none individual has greater possession of and what none would want to lose and that is beautiful mother Gambia. “You and I have equal foothold on this land and you and I bear equal responsibility for the well-being of this land.”
Mr. Kujabi sad whatever one’s tribe, religion, party color, height or complexion, whatever region a person hail from weather it is Kombo, Foni, Baddibu, Niumi, Jarra, Sandu etc, Gambians shares the same country and the same government and they must therefore share the same responsibility of national development.
He appealed to Gambia in the spirit and respect to the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, most especially in its last few days to strive towards national healing, saying people should begin by asking forgiveness and be genuine about it and not merely express it because others are doing so.
He said people must ensure that when they say “baal may ahk, hako tu nye or bonket om” that it comes from the deepest recess of their hearts. “Let us do some serious soul searching and ask ourselves how as an individual I am contributing to Gambia’s ill-health. Let us strive to stop the sabotage, blame game, hate, animosity and self-chauvinism. Let us shelf the political bigotry, stop playing the tribal harp and embrace a truly one Gambia one people.”
He called on Gambians to support their government towards collective growth and success and to criticize it genuinely when it does wrong; to stop the laziness, loud and empty talk; to stop using the excuse of 22 years of dictatorship and work for a better Gambia. “Let us wake up and stop playing victim, let us stop the protests, stop the demonstrations, stop the selfishness and greed. Let us get real, get off our high horses and become true patriots, nationalists and true sons and daughters of Gambia. Let’ us stop inflicting wounds on beautiful Gambia and work towards building it.”

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