Darboe says UDP led government will allocate 10% of Gambia’s budget to agriculture

EYEAFRICA TV: Njaba Kunda, THE GAMBIA:- The Secretary General and party leader of United Democratic Party (UDP), Lawyer Ousainou Darboe said UDP lead government will allocate 10% of the nation’s budget to agriculture.

Darboe, who made this remark in Badibu Njaba Kunda on Saturday, said the move will help drive out the importation of rice into this country.

“If you give this country to UDP, what we are going to do is, 10% of our budget, that is in every 100, 10 of the budget will be taken and put into our agriculture business,” Darboe told cheering supporters at the all Badibou rally.

The all Badibou rally is seen by many as one of the party’s biggest events.

On the issue of rice importation, the former Vice President said they will try to drive it out of the country as they will set targets for themselves.

“As in every two years, the country will cultivate a certain ton of rice. So, we do not import that ton of rice when we get that cultivated ton in the country. That’s how we are going to do it until we stop importing rice in the coming ten years,” he said.

Darboe pledge to allocate 10% of UDP lead government’s budget to agriculture.

The UDP leader also urged his party members to get their voters’ cards in order to acquire the change they are yearning for.

“We want to stop the way the country is going and in doing so, we want to change the government,” he said, but noted that it can only happen through votes in upcoming elections. “Because we will not use axes, we will not use sticks to go and remove the government. We will change the government according to the law and that’s by using our votes.”

UDP supporters keenly listening to Darboe’s speech

The former Foreign Affairs Minister said even though they confident of winning, they need votes to make it possible.

“Indeed, nothing will stop us from winning if at all we get the votes. But if we don’t get votes, then we will not win,” the UDP leader emphasized.

Also part of the key priority areas for the UDP ahead of the 2021 elections is education, health, tourism, energy and climate change.

The United Democratic Party was founded in 1996, and has been fighting for the presidential seat of ever since.

However, the party will be challenging a government whose president was once a member of their party and was chosen by their leadership to be the flagbearer of the 2016 presidential election.

But UDP is optimistic of succeeding the Barrow-lead administration.

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