D6, 300: Is Gambia government making business on citizens from Commission report?

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A copy of the final report of Gambia government’s 2017 instituted Commission of Inquiry and its own whitepaper dossier will cost each Gambian six thousand and three hundred dalasi (6, 300), a source close to the government told Eye Africa on Friday. That is more than a grade 6 government salary scale.
Our source said 6, 300 dalasi is the cost of both reports but price of the Commission report only will cost five thousand and seven hundred dalasi (D5, 700). This will mean more than 75% of central government employees cannot afford the cost of the report.
The government released its 93-page dossier earlier this month, which it prepared from the Commission’s 1, 600-page report, in which it placed a lien on fourteen closed associates of exiled former President Yahya Jammeh, including banks, companies and individuals.
It also approved several recommendations of the Commission to ban some of the Jammeh government ministers and associates from holding public offices for life, while it rejects some recommendations to relieve some members in the government, who once facilitated illegal activities for Mr Jammeh, including President Adama Barrow’s own chief of protocol, Alhagie Ousman Ceesay.
President Adama Barrow instituted the Commission of Inquiry in July 2017, with an initial two-year mandate to probe in to the activities of individuals and institutions in connection to their financial dealings with former President Jammeh.
One of our sources said government’s decision to sale the reports does not, in any form represent the prayers of the people of The Gambia, who took the daring verdict to end dictatorship and economic extravagance spending, by replacing former president with Adama Barrow.
As technology continues to advance, many governments would now make such important documents available online where citizens can access and download for a just distribution of their right to public information.
Government is reported to have spent over one million dollars from the taxpayers’ money to fund the Commission’s findings and yet again, it is intending make approximately 115 thousand dollars from the poor taxpayers in the sales of the reports.
This Friday marked one week since justice minister Abubacarr Tambadou informed Gambians that the report was available at the government’s printing company; GPPC, in Kanifing, some 10km from the capital, Banjul, who promised that it would be available for sale on Monday.
With a shattered and shrunken economy thanks to exile former President Jammeh’s spending on trivial matters by dipping into the country’s economy, over 90% of the population of just over 2 million people is said to live below one dollar a day.

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