CRC phase 2 public consultation on Draft Constitution reaches Jareng

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) second phase nationwide public consultation on Gambia’s draft constitution has reached Central River Region with a meeting held at Jareng on Monday.
Chief of Niamina West, Nganyi Dampha commended the commission, saying that their public consultations shows that they understand that the voice of the public is important in the draft constitution.
Alkalo of Jareng, Waa Ceesay, reminded the people that their voices are important in the consultation which will determined the type of laws that will be contained in the constitution. “Whatever we say here will be important. Therefore, we must give ideas with confidence and truth without fear. We are no more in dictatorship.”
He said there are both Muslims and Christians in The Gambia who are all equal and they suggest realistic opinions to be included in the constitution. “Let us talk about issues that can benefit the nation so that the future generation can also benefit from it but not something that will contradict and bring shame on us,” he said.
Commission’s chairman, Justice Sulayman Cherno Jallow told the gathering that some of the suggestions they gave during their last consultation are in the draft constitution, saying when they were drafting it, they focused on public interest and not individual.
Commissioner Lawyer Lamin S Camara raised the awareness of the people on three parts of the draft constitution, starting with the country’s sovereignty, laws and patriotism.

Story written by Amie Faye

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