COVID-19 might leave many with mental disorder: experts warn

EYEAFRICA TV: Kampala, Uganda: As the spread of COVID-19 continues to soar on, governments around the world have scaled up efforts to create awareness especially in areas of prevention.

This has however to some extent given birth to numerous misconceptions with public stereotyping about the signs and symptoms of the virus.

On this, experts have come out to advise on the need for integration of services of psychologists in whatever COVID-19 prevention measure there is.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China and its subsequent spread to other parts of the world, information on preventive measures has been immense.

Efforts to scale down the spread of the pandemic has had some countries opting for total shut down with Uganda nearly walking to the same direction.

Though this has yielded desired results like in China where there reports of return to normalcy in Wuhan, experts have expressed fears that this might leave many psychologically tortured due to the frustration that come with most of these measures.

Nalwoga (not real name) is one of these people that experience morning allergies a health status that has similar signs and symptoms like those of COVID-19.

In the wake of this pandemic, Nalwoga says she’s finding hard time to freely mingle with her friends for fear of being misconstrued.

Dr. Kabunga Amir, a lecturer of clinical psychology at Lira University warns that with such misconceptions about the pandemic, if not timely addressed, many might survive COVID-19 but succumb to psychological torture.

The other danger that Dr. Kabunga points out as regards to the partial shutdown of the country is the sudden change in routines. He warns that though many might physically observe social distancing, it is bound to choke the inner beings.

Dr. Kabunga sends a special message to the general public on how best they should relate with those suspected or even confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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