Countries are develop by people not governments

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Countries are not developed by governments; they are developed by people, Professor Gibril Faal, Director of GK Partners and Migration in Sustainable Development in the Gambia (MSDG) project said on Saturday.
He said the fundamental purpose of governments is not to impede its people so that they can remain under developed. “Since last January, thousands of Gambians living in the diaspora have returned to the country without force, rankling of fight.”
Addressing Gambians, including President Barrow and his government officials, Gambian migrant returnees and heads of international agencies at a day consultative dialogue titled “Stake in the Nation Forum (SNF)” organized by his organization and the Office of the President at Kairaba beach hotel, Professor Faal said, “We are pleased that this government has started to lift the ethnic barrier that impeded development.”
He said when people are left to do things on their own; they will generate health and wealth, saying there are certain sectors that need to be stimulated and encouraged to the righteous circle. “This is what we sought to achieve from this project.”
We need to move foreign capital investment. We have device the projects program to closely work with the government. Among the elements is to develop a 10-year diaspora strategy. “It is quite ambitious and is already making progress.”
The projects targets to Present the outline draft of the Gambia Diaspora Strategy (2018-27) and gather feedback, discuss the modalities and practicalities of the Gambia Diaspora Directorate (GDD), launch the report on sustainable livelihoods for migrant returnees from Libya, Niger and facilitate thematic discussion of National Development Plan (NDP) implementation and launch the Stake in the Nation Forum (SNF) as an annual consultative dialogue mechanism to enhance participation in national development by using the diaspora strategy and capacity development.
According to Prof. Faal, there are 14 specific activities, including the production of diaspora strategy, capacity development on diaspora development and reducing the cost of remittances.

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