Communication breakdown as Busumbala mob beats brothers mistaken for child abductors

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A violent mob in Busumbala Thursday evening inflicted gruesome injuries on two men who they mistook for child abductors and set their C-class Mercedes Benz on fire. The brothers who are said to have planned to travel with seven of their children to the countryside, were intercepted by the mob and beaten before establishing the fact.
The brothers are currently being hospitalised at Kanifing and Brikama hospitals. From Busumbala to Brikama hospital, crowd come rushing as the unconfirmed news broke of a police arrest of child abductors, including a Nigerian.
Eye witnesses say the bob and everyone around the scene have had the believe that the men have abducted the children which led to the infliction of inquires on them.
Office of The Gambia Government Spokesperson, late Thursday commented on the matter, saying that there was no Nigerian involved and the matter is not as it was rumored.
“Instead, earlier this evening two Gambian brothers with their seven children all under 10, were literally ambushed by a mob of vigilante in Busumbala falsely accusing them of being Nigerian children smugglers,” Government spokesperson Ebrima G Sankareh said.
Mr Sankareh said unfortunately, one of the men is vocally handicapped (dumb) and could not explain his relationship with the children and his brother, who was nervous, frantically tried to explain to the mob that this was a family headed to Fajikjida after a trip to the provinces to no avail.
He said the Busumbala mob finally seized the men and subjected them to the most harrowing barbarity ever imaginable. “The duo has since been hospitalized at Kanifing Regional and Brikama Hospitals with severe juries to their heads while their children reunited with their mothers, are at Brikama Police Station with social workers comforting them as police unearth this mystery story.”
Mr Sankareh said police at Farato, where the men and their children were first rescued to, had reported that the mob also seized the family’s C-Class Mercedes Benz, popped the engine-hood and then set the car ablaze and when the firefighters came to the scene, the mob threatened to fight them as the incinerated vehicle was in flames.

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