Commission questions Agric. PS over insulting allegation of member.

EYEAFRICA TV: BANJUL, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s agriculture ministry’s permanent secretary Hassan Jallow has appeared before the Commission of Inquiry for the first time where the Commission’s counsel Amie Bensouda quizzed him whether he has insulted one of the commission member when he called him.

Mr. Jallow denied insulting one Mr. Colley when he was trying to reach him through his cell phone, saying he only warned him not to call him during odd hours. “Mr. Colley called me at 12:30 am so I feel that I was being harassed and I warned him not to call me at that time of the night.”

Counsel Bensouda accused Mr. Jallow of not returning calls and messages sent to him by the Commission for him to appear and to tender the files they requested from his ministry.

She said the Commission tried to reach the witness several times in her (Bensouda) presence but he never picked nor reply to their messages. She said Mr. Jallow’s reaction is totally unacceptable and threw the matter to the Chairman of the commission Surahata Janneh who informed him that the Commission has powers to prosecute any witness who refuse to appear before it without any tangible reason.

By: Adam Drammeh

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