Citizens’ Alliance embarks on massive beach cleansing exercise

EYEAFRICA TV: Senegambia, THE GAMBIA:-The Gambia’s Citizens’ Alliance (CA) has on Saturday embarked on a massive beach cleansing exercise from the Lemon Creek to Senegambia beach area.

The exercise according to the party officials, is to contribute to national development by ensuring a cleaner environment.

Speaking to Eye Africa TV, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, the CA flagbearer, said the move is meant to make the beach environmentally friendly and also contribute to national development.

Dr. Ceesay, stressed that the attitude of dumping things everywhere needs to change.

“This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the African continent, but just look at how dirty it is,” he said, describing the situation of the beach as painful and sad.

“But the government now needs to step up or the council to employ the young people,” he noted, adding, “Imagine how long this beach is, if you employ each beach area 3 or 4 young people, at least you are creating employment.”

Dr. Ceesay said the cleansing exercise will not only be limited to the beaches but also in the communities where it is much needed.

To Omar Dibba, the national youth president of the party, the exercise is just the beginning of series of strategic plans CA have for the country.

“We are very much concerned about the environment, we are very much concerned about the health sector and we are very much concerned about the education sector,” he said.

“That is the very reason why we embarked on a blood donation at Serekunda hospital in Kanifing and a week later today, we decided to embarked on a cleansing exercise to make sure our environment and our health sector which are critical sectors of our country, at least efforts are put in to make sure that they fit the purpose of serving the needs of the people despite inadequacies.”

According to Mr. Dibba, they have engaged state institutions and relevant partners for help but to no avail.

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