Chinese medical workers battle novel coronavirus to best of abilities

EYEAFRICA TV: Wuhan City, central China: Medical workers are treating the patients to the best of their abilities in China’s Wuhan City in the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Nurses are working around the clock in Wuhan’s Tongji Hospital to take care of the patients suffering pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

The morning shift ends at around 12:30, and the nurses can finally take off the thick protective gowns and the tight protective goggles and have their lunch.

“I just want to sleep [after the current epidemic situation ends], and I will not feel like getting up,” said one nurse while having lunch together with her colleagues.

“And I just want to stay with my family,” said another nurse who then burst into tears. “I haven’t been able to go home since working here after the novel coronavirus outbreak. I do not tell about my working situation to my kid, who is only seven years old,” she added.

Though feeling exhausted doing their job, they still expressed their optimism and confidence.

“We have support from our government and the whole country, and we medical workers are working hard under guidance of our hospitals. So we are confident that we will beat the coronavirus. We medical workers have been working on shifts around the clock,” said another nurse.

Thousands of medical staff have been sent or planned to be sent to Hubei Province, which is at the center of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

A medical team of 150 members from the Air Force Medical University on Jan. 27 took over the department of critical care medicine of Wuhan’s Wuchang Hospital, where there are more than 500 patients having fever.

The team brought better virus detection equipment and professional personnel to help the hospital operate efficiently by taking in patients with the novel coronavirus and discharging those who have been cured.

“We bring here two professional personnel who are working on shifts around the clock to do the novel coronavirus detections. We could only examine around 60 people within one day at the beginning, but we are able to do the tests on up to 100 to 120 people every day now. We tested 120 people yesterday,” said Wang Shengcheng, head of the medical team from the Air Force Medical University.

Some medical workers of the hospital are suffering skin problems for wearing the protective gowns and face masks for long periods of time. But they are still working hard in isolation areas of the hospital, persistent in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Chinese health authorities announced Thursday that 1,737 new confirmed cases of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus were reported in China by the end of Wednesday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 7,711.

The National Health Commission said in its daily report that by 24:00 Wednesday, a total of 170 people died of the disease.

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