Chinese built Museum of Black Civilizations celebrates first anniversary in Dakar

EYEAFRICA TV: Dakar, Senegal: The Museum of Black Civilizations, built and equipped by China, is celebrating its first anniversary in Senegal.
The main goal of the establishment is to present the history of Africa and its diaspora from the beginning of humanity to the present day through works of art.
This year’s celebration coincides with the largest Pan-African exhibition themed “lend me your dream”.
Since its inauguration in December 2018, the museum has continued to host large-scale exhibitions, conferences and scientific meetings.
“I think it is the most important museum in Africa. It is also one of the most important cultural institutions in the world,” said Hamady Bocoum, director general of the museum.
The museum has also become a hub welcoming many African artists.
“This museum welcomes all African artists and has become a junction of contemporary African arts. It was built thanks to the good cooperation that exists between Senegal and China,” said Zhang Honghao, a cultural advisor at the Chinese Embassy in Senegal.
Built on a total area of 14,000 square meters, the museum cost more than 30 million euros and can accommodate up to 18,000 exhibits.
“This gigantic museum was born from China-Africa cooperation. And it is quite a symbol that this museum is built on an architectural orientation which is inspired by the boxes of Casamance and also the round boxes of the great Zimbabwe,” said Alassane Cisse, managing director at the Journal Patrimoine.
The Museum of Black Civilizations has become a cradle for authentic pieces and original works retracing the powerful march of humanity and the evolution of the black world and its people.

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