Chinese ambassador slams U.S. for passing bill on Xinjiang

EYEAFRICA TV: Washington D.C., USA: The Chinese ambassador to the United States on Wednesday lashed out at the U.S. adoption of an act related to northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, stressing the fact that no terrorist attack has taken place in Xinjiang over the past three years.
Cui Tiankai, the ambassador, made the statement at the annual gala of the U.S.-China Business Council held in Washington, which was attended by former World Bank chief Robert Zoellick, and nearly 1,000 figures from the Chinese and U.S. business communities.
“As for Xinjiang, it used to be a heavy victim of terrorism. Thousands of terrorist attacks happened there. But thanks to our resolute fight against violent terrorism and thanks to our education efforts to help the people affected by extremist and terrorist ideas, no terrorist attack has taken place in the last three years. The life of local people, of all ethnic groups had returned to normalcy. So facts are facts,” said Cui.
The U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill on Xinjiang on Tuesday, which has distorted and discredited the situation of human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang.
The bill has attracted widespread criticism inside China. The China Islamic Association and Xinjiang Islamic Association Thursday expressed their strong indignation and firm opposition to the bill.

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