China urges US to provide fair competition environment for Chinese enterprises

EYEAFRICA TV: Beijing, China: China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson has asked United States to stop repressing Chinese companies for no reason and provide a fair competition environment.
Geng Shuang said on Wednesday that China always encourages Chinese companies to cooperate with foreign countries on the basis of abiding by local laws and in accordance with market principles and international rules.
China’s company Huawei has said that the US government used state power to repress it and interfered its business and its partners.
In a statement, Huawei said the US government illegally searched, detained, or even arrested its employees and pressured them through the FBI’s on-site interviews.
“At the same time, China firmly opposes the US practice of using state power to repress Chinese companies without any evidence. This kind of behavior is base and immoral, and also a negation of the principle market economy which the U.S. says they uphold.”
Geng urged the United States to stop unjustified repression of Chinese companies and provide a fair and non-discriminatory competition environment for Chinese companies in the United States.

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