China unearths most ancient golden camel nearby Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang

EYEAFRICA TV: Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, Northwest China: A golden camel was unearthed at a noble’s grave nearby the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang in Xi’an City of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province recently, which is the most ancient golden camel so far discovered in China.
The grave occupying about 1,900 square meters is a large subordinate tomb about 440 meters west of the mausoleum. Archeologists are still working on cleaning the central coffin, and have found some valuable burial objects, besides the golder camel, like pottery, bronzes, jade wares and gold and silver vessels.
“This golden camel is so far the only one discovered during archaeological studies of the Qin Dynasty (221 B.C.-206 B.C.). It shows the possibility that exchanges between China’s Central Plains area and West Asia may take place earlier than the appearance of the Silk Road, which means that China and the West already had economic and cultural exchanges in the Qin Dynasty,” said Jiang Wenxiao, researcher with the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum.
According to the archeological team, a total of nine large tombs and 14 subordinate pits have been unearthed this time, which are considered from the same time period and had close relations with Emperor Qinshihuang(259BC—210BC),the nation’s first emperor.
This time’s archaeological excavation of the grave provides important physical materials for the study on the politics, military, economy, science and culture in the Qin Dynasty, according to archaeologists.
“It is so far the largest and best preserved tomb from the Qin Dynasty unearthed in China. The excavation helps fill the gap in the archaeological studies of high-level noble’s graves in Qin Dynasty, which has great meaning for archaeological studies on the Qin and the following Han dynasty as well as China’s subordinate tomb system,” said Jiang.

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