China resuming role as originator of technologies: former U.S. envoy

EYEAFRICA TV: Washington D.C, USA: China is resuming the role as an originator of technologies in human civilization, Charles Freeman, a former U.S. envoy to China, said recently at an interview in Washington D.C.
Freeman has had a colorful relationship with China, serving as assistant trade representative and later principal U.S. trade negotiator with China over the past few decades.
“My relationship with China began really, with the Mainland, began with the Nixon trip to China in 1972 where I was the principal American interpreter. In 1981 I became the Charge d’Affaires ad-interim in Beijing. This was an exciting time. Deng Xiaoping had normalized relations with the United States. He saw the opening to the United States and the arrival of students in the United States as a way of fundamentally changing the direction of China’s socio-economic evolution. And it did,” he said at an exclusive interview with China Global Television Network (CGTN).
Freeman said he doesn’t think any country has played more various positions in such a short period of time than China.
“In the beginning of my time in China, there were no foreigners present. It was a very isolated, backward place. That is not a description of today’s China. And I don’t think you can find any country that has played so many positions on the field over such a short a time as China has,” he said.
Freeman said China has seen remarkable progress in science and technology over the years, and is once again leading the world in those areas.
“China has followed a path very similar to the one the United States followed, and then Japan, in modernizing. So-called STEM workers, workers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, in China now make up one-fourth of the total world population of those kinds of people. And China, which was of course historically the originator of a great many basic technologies in civilization, is now once again resuming that role,” said Freeman.

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