China rebukes US politicians for stigmatizing China

EYEAFRICA TV: Beijing,China: China resolutely opposes some U.S politicians for linking the novel coronavirus to China, said Geng Shuang, spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry at a press briefing in Beijing on Tuesday. This is to stigmatize China, he said.

Geng made the remarks at the briefing when asked to comment on U.S. President Donald Trump using term “China Virus” in his twitter on Monday.

“Of late, some U.S. politicians have linked the new coronavirus to China. This is the stigmatization of China. We are strongly indignant about this and resolutely oppose it. The World Health Organization(WHO) and the international community clearly oppose the linking of the virus to any specific country or region and oppose stigmatization. We urge the United States to immediately correct its mistake and stop its unjustifiable accusations against China. The COVID-19 is breaking out, expanding and spreading in many parts of the world. What is most pressing at present is that the international community should work with one heart and one mind in their cooperation in fighting the epidemic. The United States should, first of all, do well in its own affairs while playing a constructive role in international cooperation and in safeguarding the global public health security,” said Geng.

According to medical experts, they are still working to trace case zero and the origin of the virus. A Chinese medical expert said that although the virus was found at a grocery market in Wuhan, but it might not be the origin of the virus.

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