China issues report on U.S. human rights violations.

EYEAFRICATV: Beijing, China:  China on Friday issued a report on human rights violations in the United States. Titled “The Record of Human Rights Violations in the United States in 2019,” the report cites detailed facts to show that “in recent years, especially since 2019, the human rights situation in the United States has been poor and deteriorating.”

The State Council Information Office released the report based on published data, media reports and research findings.

The United States releases annual reports to “distort and belittle” human rights situation in countries and regions that are not in the U.S. strategic interests, but turns a blind eye to the “persistent, systematic and large-scale” human rights violations in its own country, the report says.

The United States is a country with the worst gun violence in the world. The number of mass killings in the United States hit a record high of 415 in 2019, on an average occurrence of more than one daily, says the report. In total, 39,052 people died from gun-related violence in the United States in 2019, at a frequency of one being killed every 15 minutes, as figures show.

Wealth polarization in the United States hit a 50-year high in 2018, the report says. The wealthiest 10 percent held nearly 75 percent of total net household assets. The bottom 50 percent saw essentially zero net gains in wealth over the past 30 years, notes the report. The United States is the only developed country with millions of people living in starvation.

Regarding discrimination against ethnic minorities in the United States, the report says the political structure and ideology of white supremacy in the United States have reduced ethnic minorities to all-round discrimination in various fields such as politics, economy, culture and social life.

Since 2016, white supremacy in the United States has resurged, leading to racial opposition and hatred, it notes.

Women in the United States face severe discrimination and violence, according to the report. Women in the United States were 21 times more likely to die by firearm homicide than women in peer nations, it notes, adding that sexual assault cases against women kept increasing.

About the living conditions of vulnerable groups, the report says tens of millions of U.S. children, elderly people, and disabled people live without enough food or clothing, and face threats of violence, bullying, abusing and drugs.

The United States also wantonly trampled on human rights in other countries and was responsible for many humanitarian disasters around the world, says the report.

The economic embargoes and military actions have reduced many places around the world into turmoil and chaos, and led to severe humanitarian disasters, according to the report.

The United States boasts itself as the so-called “model for human rights” on the one hand, and adopts double standards on human rights issues on the other, the report says.

The United States is advised to check and reflect upon its own serious issues regarding human rights, and stop pointing fingers at and making inappropriate remarks on other countries, says the report.

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