Cameroon: Opposition leader Maurice Kamto released from prison

EYEAFRICA TV: Yaoundé, Cameroon: Cameroon’s opposition leader and head of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Maurice Kamto walked free in Yaounde this Saturday, along with 102 party officials and supporters.
They have been in prison for nine months for organising protests in January against the result of the last presidential election.
Footage shows the van carrying Kamto leaving the Ministry of Defence site and Kamto later exiting the van, cheered on by a crowd of supporters, chanting “Kamto, President.”
Maurice Kamto’s lawyer, Sylvain Souop said, “We are happy that our client is free, because he deserves his freedom and because he should have never been in prison for expressing his fundamental right. 102 people benefited from prosecutions being dropped.”
Maurice Kamto was released from military prison after Cameroonian President Paul Biya ordered charges to be dropped on Thursday, in what is reported to be a gesture of ‘national reconciliation.
During the latest elections in 2018, Kamto came in second with 14.2 percent of the vote, losing against Biya, who won his seventh mandate and has been in power for 37 years.

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