Britannia Award winner Jackie Chan calls for constant innovation

EYEAFRICA TV: Beijing, China: Chinese stuntman, actor and director Jackie Chan has called for constant innovation in film-making during an interview with CCTV on Saturday after winning the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award for worldwide contribution to entertainment.
He expressed the hope that the Chinese younger generation will keep on innovating and exploring further into Chinese films.
“After 59 years of trials and tribulations, I have gained constant recognition and it is a great honor for a film man to have influenced so many fans around the world. It is a hard process especially for an action filmmaker. Till today, I have never forgot my goal at the time when I first entered the industry. I hope our younger generation will catch up as soon as possible and make Chinese films develop and shine with greater brilliance in the world,” Chan said.
The 2019 British Academy Britannia Awards highlights Jackie Chan’s “innovative stunt work and unique blend of martial arts and comedy”.
“Without innovation, you can’t go any further in making films. This is true with ordinary films and it even be more so with action films. We must ensure constant innovation and ensure that the films will not give repeated impressions and disappoint the audience. I still dare not slack off and keep on innovating although I have been in the industry for so many years,” Chan said.
In addition to seeking constant innovation in filmmaking, Chan has also been promoting exchanges between Chinese and foreign film industries. For example, starring in the Chinese-Indian film “Kung Fu Yoga”, he has offered the audience a glimpse of Iceland and Dubai and has also shown the world the unique Chinese places and culture.
“The Chinese film market has been improving, becoming the second largest in the world. We have had unprecedented power of influence and the right to say in the industry, which has received priority attention. We owe all these to the strong country, to the splendid traditional culture and to so many talents in the film industry. We can promote all of them to the world through making films,” Chan said.

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