Brikama South NAM challenges lands minister to address threats posed by Estate Developers

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: At the second day of Gambian President Adama Barrow’s State of the Nation address debate at the National Assembly today, Brikama South parliamentarian Lamin J. Sanneh challenged the country’s Minister of local government and lands to develop an Act that would resolve the threat currently being posed on agricultural production by estate developers.
Mr. Sanneh said estate developers have become serious threats to agriculture lands as deforestation is on the high alert and sending the country’s auspicious wild life away and encouraging climate change.
Since the coming of real estate developers in the country, land grabbing became a major and lucrative business threatening agricultural production. Agricultural development specialists have maintained for many years that the traditional communal systems of land tenure in West Africa and other areas are an obstacle to agricultural development.
An alternative strategy pursued by some governments has been for the government to negotiate long-term rights to communal land, develop the land with foreign assistance, and then reallocate the developed land through formal contracts.
The Brikama South representative said deforestation will cause lack of rain, threaten farmers especially Fulas for cattle grazing and can lead to the encouragement of desertification. “It will lead to a fruitless future for the young generation, bearing in mind that the weight of the country depend heavily on subsistence farming.”

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