Brexit uncertainties angering public in UK

EYEAFRICA TV: Watford, UK: Britain is expected to leave the European Union (EU) at the end of January, but the yet-again delayed divorce has many Britons fed up.
Watford market is waking up to a new day and a Christmas election, but there’s little joy to be found. Gary Hickman’s sold fruit and vegetables here for 25 years. He’ll retire next year and move to Spain.
“It’s a good thing to have this general election, get Boris in (unclear) get Brexit done,” Hickman told China Global Television Network.
His friend Mick Chapman said that he can’t remember how long he’s been selling meat in Watford, but things are tougher now and like Gary he’s fed up.
“Because they are not listening to anyone. Are they? They just want to do their own thing. They just fight amongst themselves. It’s just ludicrous really,” said Chapman.
Watford is a marginal seat. In the EU referendum, it voted leave by a tight 252 votes. Sentiments are said to have changed somewhat. But Leave or Remain, the imperative for small businesses is to stop the uncertainty.
The thing about Watford and any number of constituencies up and down the country is that electorally speaking, it is unpredictable. These days in British politics nothing sells as certain any more. Issues like trust, policy, even ideology seem to be in a state of flux. That lack of clarity will make this election extremely volatile. And for volatility read frustration.
Away from the town in Watford’s Cassiobury park, things may be calmer but the mood is consistent.
It’s early days but the threats to candidates appear two fold – turnout might be an issue, and it remains unclear how angry the British public have become.

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