Breaking News: Police revoke permit for Jutunaya album launching, a day before the historic event

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:- The police have revoked permit for O Boy and Gambian Child’s upcoming album launching dubbed “Jutunaya” slated for 9th April at Qcity.

“Because of my latest song Ajindi, the police revoke my permit for the launching tomorrow,” the duo said in their social media accounts.

The Ajindi song talks about various societal issues in the country including politics. The song advocates for voting out government and public officials who are not working or serving their people well.

But according to a letter obtained by Eye Africa TV, the police said the “request cannot be granted at the moment as the stipulated date falls within the Covid-19 restriction period.”

In a letter dated 22nd March 2021, police had granted permit for the popular event to go ahead.

Critics say the U-turn by the authorities is as a result of the duo’s latest music video.

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