Brave residents scale burning building in Shenzhen to rescue trapped child

EYEAFRICA TV: Shenzhen city, South China:Amateur video footage has revealed how a group of brave residents teamed up to rescued a toddler who was hanging on for dear life from a burning apartment building in Shenzhen City of south China’s Guangdong Province earlier this month.
The fire broke out in a residential community at around 18:00 on Dec 3 when the three-year-old boy was left alone at home on the fourth floor of the fire-hit building.
The now-viral video footage taken by onlookers showed the boy was seen to be hanging in the air with half of his body stuck between balcony railings, as huge flames and smoke billowed out from the apartment.
The boy’s mother, who had by then rushed back home, begged for people in the neighborhood to help save her child.
Several warm-hearted locals sprung into action and joined forces to save the youngster. One climbed over a balcony into an adjacent ledge to rescue the boy while another held his feet. Others broke into the room to attempt to put out the fire.
Fortunately, the fire was brought under control and the trapped boy was rescued before firefighters rushed to the site.
“The smoke was so heavy that it completely blurred my vision. I rushed out of my home because I was choking. What I thought of was to save the boy on the balcony. I didn’t think about anything else. I just wanted to save the boy because I also have three children,” said one of the heroic rescuers surnamed Zou.
It was later found the fire had started after the boy accidentally urinated on his mother’s hairdryer, causing it to short circuit.

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