Beijing designates 20 hospitals to treat confirmed cases

EYEAFRICA TV: Beijing, China: Beijing has designated 20 hospitals to cope with potentially increasing number of coronavirus pneumonia cases.

The capital has confirmed 72 cases of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) as of 9:00 Monday.

One of the designated local hospitals, Ditan hospital, has already assigned two in-patient wards to accommodate coronavirus pneumonia patients. So far, two of the patients have already been discharged.

“The general condition of these two patients wasn’t bad at first. There was no obvious oxygenation disorder. After they arrived at our hospital, we gave them normal supportive treatment which combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The curing process helps enhance our confidence, that is, for such cases, we can clinically cure these patients,” said Wang Linghang, director of Emergency Department of Infections, Beijing Ditan Hospital.

At present, the new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control is in a critical stage. And Ditan hospital has strengthened psychological counseling and ensured daily supplies of its own medical personnel.

“In order to protect our medical staff from infection, we’ve checked our inventory for protective suits and N95 masks and found that our stock can meet our medical staff’s needs. Next we will replenish our stock and apply for allocations of new supplies in line with the needs of our own staff, as well as the actual situation and the number of patients,” said Chen Hang, secretary of CPC committee, Beijing Ditan Hospital.

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