Barrow’s political adviser compares Mai Fatty’s statement to Jammeh horrors

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: President Adama Barrow’s political adviser Tuesday evening reacted to comments by the leader of Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) who was quoted by The Standard Newspaper as saying that, “we are yet to defeat some ways of the dictatorship.”
Responding to the comments, Siaka Jatta said Mai Ahmed Fatty’s comments serve no purpose than to cause alarm, trauma, and panic by drawing a false equivalence between President Barrow’s progress and the horrors ‘tin pot’ dictator Yahya Jammeh unleashed on innocent citizens and non-citizens under his 22 years of dictatorship.
“So far, we achieved fundamental changes in the political dynamics, but there has not been significant improvement in the governance infrastructure,” The Standard quoted Fatty as saying to supporters at a meeting in France.
But Mr Jatta said as a trained lawyer, Mai Fatty ought to know that words matter, and as a responsible leader, he needs to exercise caution and maximum restraint in his public language.
Earlier this month, Mr Fatty announced his resignation as President Barrow’s special adviser, saying he feels that his he is no more useful in that post.
“The civil service, the public service, the security sector, and most public institutions have not changed much,” he was quoted by the Standard.

Mai Ahmed fatty resigned as Barrow’s special adviser in October, saying he feels he is no longer useful in the post

According to Mr Jatta, nothing is farther from the truth and current realities of the country, saying such comments are not only misleading but also an acute misrepresentation of the significant progress registered in the country in the area of the promotion and guaranteeing of the fundamental freedoms and democratic rights of all and sundry in The Gambia.
“Granted, we do not expect the 22-year system entrenched by the former regime to be completely overturned overnight; however, to suggest, even the slightest, that dictatorship exists in any shape or form in this country, at this particular point in time will be disingenuous and constitutive of a monumental exaggeration devised to caricature the gains so far registered by the Barrow government in consonance with The Gambian people,” Mr Jatta said.
He said consequently, he thought it prudent despite being on holidays to reassure the general public that under President Adama Barrow, the days of dictatorship are long gone, saying “We are a progressive government determination to deliver a Gambia where all people can reach their fullest potentials and enjoy their inherent and inalienable rights under the full protection of the law and state.”
He said that was what motivated the establishment of the National Human Rights Commission, the Constitutional Review Commission, the reforms programme underway, among others.

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