BARROW: We do not Establish the Commission for Witch-hunt


President Adama Barrow, earlier today led the swearing-in of four members of the newly established Commission of Enquiry but said the commission was not formed for any witch hunting.
With a three-month mandate from July, the commission is mandated to act on the financial activities of public bodies, enterprises and offices as regards to their dealings with the country’s former President, Yahya Jammeh.
The commission is led by Surahata S Janneh as chairman, Bai Mass Saine and Abeosy George as members and Alhagie Mamadi Kurang as secretary.
“This commission is not established for any witch-hunt but to establish the truth. We are committed to the restoration of human rights in the country,” he said.
President Barrow reminded the members that their appointments not based on partisan affiliation but trust that they will function independently as a commission. “I have full confidence that you will do your partial deliberations to establish the truth on the allegations pointed on the former President,” he said.
Earlier today, the State House director of press and Public Relations told journalists that atrocities that were committed in The country in the last 22 years will be accordingly dealt with by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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