Barrow to 3-Years Jotna: Who reminded you that a bag of salt is heavy?

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: President Adama Barrow has made his first public statement on the pressure group, 3-years Jotna few weeks after eight of its top members were granted bail at the High Court in Banjul.

Addressing a recent meeting of his National People’s Party (NPP) at Laminkoto in Central River Region, Mr. Barrow said the group that has been determined to unseat him after three years in office is now campaigning for the 2021 general election.

The 3-Years Jotna group has been organising protests in the country asking Mr Barrow to respect the three-year mandate agreement he had with the Coalition 2016 political leaders and step down for a fresh election.

“An old man once said if anyone say 3-Years Jotna, you can respond by saying 3-Years tassna. Those who tight the bag have now loose it and are campaigning that they will unseat President Barrow in 2021. Who reminded them that a bag of salt is heavy?”

On December 16 last year, the pressure group held a successful protest from Sting Corner in the outskirts of Old Jeshwang to Denton Bridge in Banjul where they handed their petition to Government spokesperson for onward transmission to the president.

But a second protest in January had led to serious confrontation between them and the Police Intervention Unit (PIU), in which eight members, including their leader were arrested. Four journalists were also arrested and two radio stations closed in what the government said they were reporting the protest in a way that was inciting violence.

“I have been telling them to wait for 2021 but they refused but now they are all looking ahead to 2021. Then we want every Gambian to get ready for 2021.”

According to him, no matter how many candidates contest in the 2021 election, only one person will stand and that will be President Barrow.

The eight officials of the group are still answering to three count charges before the High Court in Banjul.

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