Barrow says performance failure of one institution can undermine the whole as he delivers State of the Nation Address

EWYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: President Adama Barrow has asked his government and other public institutions to maintain steady determination to national development, telling them that Gambia is moving on the right footing in all its development spheres.
Addressing the National Assembly in his 2019 State of the nation address Thursday morning, Mr. Barrow said when any public institution fails to perform, that can anchor serious undermining of the performance of other institutions.
The President is empowered by Section 77 of the country’s 1997 Constitution to attend the sitting of the National Assembly and address it on the conditions of the country, government policies and the administration of the state.
Since he came into office in 2016, Mr. Barrow have been criticised by many Gambians for his eleventh hour address of the National Assembly, arguing that his address should fall between the early months of the year to enable lawmakers to have an insight about the the government activities.
In 2017, he delivered his state of the nation address in late July and last year, he moved it to September, just four months before the end of the year.
Traditionally, the president’s address on the state of the nation will become subject of scrutiny by members of the National Assembly in the weeks to follow.
Having this year’s state opening in the last quarter of the year, the message will likely be dominated by review of activities than plans for the year.
In it, Mr. Barrow is expected to share progress in the ongoing Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), whose preliminary report is due for this month, and the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) which is on its eight session this week.
Similarly, he could touch on the current debate on government’s stance in response to the report on the Commission of Inquiry into financial dealings of the last regime. In a white paper report that was released on Friday, the Barrow government chose to punish some close associates of the exile former President Jammeh and reprimand others for seemingly the same crime.

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