Barrow says Home Construction is not any Indication of a New Kanilai

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: President Adama Barrow said the recent house construction in his home at Mankamang Kunda is no indication that he is also adopting the leadership style of his predecessor Yahya Jammeh who virtually turned his home village of Kanilai into another State House during his 22-year rule of The Gambia.
Speaking to Eye Africa online TV’s Lamin AFFS Darboe during a one-on-one interview at State House last week, Mr. Barrow said he constructed five bedrooms at his Mankamang Kunda home before becoming president. “I constructed one of the buildings after I lost in the national assembly election. If I have won the election and construct the building, they will say I got the money from my position. It was also after losing the election that I took my mother to Hajj.”
President Barrow recently came under criticism by many Gambians following the commencement of construction at his home which commenced when he took office. Many people say that was an indication that he could also make his home village another State House as it used to be during his predecessor’s time.
Former President Yahya Jammeh had a habit of reaching to Kanilai anytime of the day he likes, turning the place as a base of his conformability than State House. “After losing the election, I also constructed a house for my senior brother and a commercial shop for him and fence our home. I constructed a 14bedrooms house at my home even before becoming president,” Mr. Barrow said.
President Barrow won Gambia’s 2016 Presidential election ending the 22-year rule of Yahya Jammeh as flag bearer of a seven-party coalition.
Mr. Barrow said he is a President and still reserve the right to visit his home. He said he is aware that once he becomes a President he is not like the ordinary person he used to be. “Even If I am going to my home today, I have to go with a team. I love my home a lot.”
He said even the streetlights in his village was provided by the American singer Akon who once met with him and promised to electrify the village. “The current works at my home are entire funded by my friends who are only doing it for my love.”

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