Barrow pays surprise visit to trade fair

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambian leader has joined hundreds of people to visit the trade fair on a window shopping with his two wives.
President Adama Barrow shows at the trade fair on Monday, a day after returning from Jarra Soma on a ‘reconciliation’ meeting.
Fatou Bah Barrow and Sarjo Mballow were seen flanking Barrow from one stall to another.
Following the brief shopping moment, pictures emerged online showing Barrow holding a traditional Gambian shoes locally call “Marakisso”.
The trade fair which is supported by the Gambian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and meant for showcasing of businesses has been opened by vice president Fatoumatta Jallow last week.
The year’s fair came little over one year of Barrow’s presidency as critics accused his administration of inability to resuscitate the broken economy.
Barrow inherited a broken economy with a public debt at a staggering 120% of the GDP and poverty level at 48%.

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