BARROW: If i am appointing people I know, then i would not have sack Mai Ahmad Fatty

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has denied rumours that he was making his cabinet and other major appointments based on relationship, saying he would have not sack his first Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty if he were guilty of the rumours.
Responding to a question from Eye Africa TV Lamin A.F.F.S. Darboe during his third bi-annual press conference on concern issues at State House today, President Barrow said Mai Fatty has been his closed friend and was his legal counsel before becoming president. “That is why you cannot find any of my relatives around me.”
In November, President Barrow fired Mr. Fatty. The Presidency later issued a statement saying the sacking was in the best interest of the country but many people linked it to the awarding of the country’s biometric identity card and passport contract to a company Semlex.
“The Mandinkas say the closest fence you have is where you dump your waste,” Barrow said but maintained that the rumour of his “friendship” in appointment is unfound, saying the current governor of West Coast Region was only introduced to him at the airport and the rest of them were only recommended to him.
He said if he appoint someone he know, people will talk but when he appoint someone he doesn’t know there will br no talk. “The country’s interest is what I stand on. If it is to appoint people I know, then I will not appoint or even fire Mai Fatty.”

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