Barrow hosts the Fula Community at Statehouse

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: President Adama Barrow is currently hosting members of the Fula Association, Tabital Pulaagu Mbo Gambia -an affiliate of Tabital Pulaagu Mbo international- at state house, confirming earlier reports by one fraction of the association last month.
The Association that said it is a non-political Fula Association operating in The Gambia, targets to foster unity among its members and the Fula people general.
On October 26, one fraction of the Association denounced and accused President Adama Barrow of taking a direction that suggests a tribal difference in The Gambia when he request to meet with at least 3000 Fulas at Statehouse.
One of the advisers, Sutura Jallow said they were declining to honour what he said was Mr Barrow’s invitation of at least 3000 Fulas to a meeting at Statehouse because the request contradicts the teachings of their constitution. He vented anger against Mr Barrow for failing to respond to their invitation for three times in a row to brief him on the outcome of their congress.
But the following day, another fraction of the Association held a press briefing where its Public Relations Officer, Alieu Saja Jallow said only few people were against their move to meet with the President, alleging that those are all affiliated to Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC).
He named some of the people against their move, saying the President did not invite them to a meeting. “We wrote to the President requesting to meet him. The President has not requested to meet 3000 Fulas as claimed.”
Some political analysts suggest that President Barrow’s frequent meeting with different communities at statehouse is a target to strengthen his political ambitions.
“President Barrow is turning the state house into a political Bantaba,” one of the analysts claimed. With this latest meeting with only the Fula community, many observed that this may further widen the debate with regards to his meetings at statehouse with communities.
The meeting is expected to determine whether the Fula community, through the association “Tabital Pulaagu” will also join other groups to throw their weight behind the president.

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