Barrow compliment Gambians for uniting to dislodge dictatorship

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: President Adama Barrow has praised Gambians for their bravery and strong unity that led to the dislodging of the 22-year tyranny rule of the country’s former dictator Yahya Jammeh.

He also commended the country’s partners for maintaining a steady resilience and determination with Gambians that generated a new dawn to restore peace, freedom and democracy.

Presiding over the launch of Gambia’s first National Security Policy (NSP) at the luxurious Kairaba hotel this afternoon, Mr. Barrow said the policy is the outcome of a series of extensive consultations and validation exercises conducted nation-wide. “It was developed through the participation of all stakeholders that involved Government, the private sector, bilateral and multilateral partners, civil society organizations and our local communities.”

The National Security Policy is the product of several activities and consultations with relevant stakeholders geared towards making the security sector more streamlined and accountable to the security and justice needs of The Gambian people.

He said the overall aim of the Policy is for everyone to be responsive in countering security threats, while utilizing the opportunities that prevail.  “The NSP sets out the directions Government will take to safeguard our people and natural resources.”

Mr. Barrow said the policy sufficiently provides a robust, coherent and strategic approach to respond collectively to national security threats through swift decision-making processes, clear lines of accountability and responsibility, prompt execution of action and commitment to building the Nation’s resilience to crime.

He said the policy is not intended to duplicate nor overlap with other existing sector plans, policies and strategies on national security but it is intended to strengthen effective coordination of their implementation. “This Policy has adopted the expanded concept of security, which now includes both traditional and new forms of security threats.”

Mr. Barrow launched the 7 member National Security Council (NSC) at his office at State House in Banjul in August 2017 where he emphasised unity of purposed amongst the members in serving one government for a strong, safe and secure nation.

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