Banjul in Virtual 12 Hours Downpour Lock down

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: There is a virtual twelve hour heavy downpour in The Gambia’s capital,Banjul and elsewhere in the country since the early hours of Sunday. This, like in the past years have made movement almost standstill in the capital.
This came along with causing disinteres as witnessed in the past years. The rain water running gutters are small with people indiscrimnately dumping their household refuses in them. This has caused trouble for the easy flow and running of rain water into the gutters to the river. Not only Banjul but other big towns like Serekunda, Bakau and Brikama have all been experiencing the same problems and has led to serious disasters, like death and the destruction of houses and materials.
The National Disaster Management Agency -NDMA- has year name West Coast Region as the most disaster hit region in the Gambia. With some of its communities living in water lock areas, the region has been seriously hit by disaster during the past years.
See more on today’s one on the video above.

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