Babili Mansa must come by Hook or by Crook – APRC’s General Bakso

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A one-time administrative secretary of Gambia’s former ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-Orientation and Construction (APRC) party, Bakary Jaiteh is optimistic that the country’s exiled former ruler will return to home.

General Field Marshal Bakso –as he is fondly called- said APRC is a disciplined party that focuses on the interest of the people. “What we are focused on right now is how ‘Babili Mansa’ will return to the country by hook or by crook.”


Gepostet von EYE Africa TV Online am Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2020

Speaking to Eyeafrica at the party’s demonstration in demand for Mr Jammeh’s return from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, where he has been in exile since his lose to power in the 2016 presidential election, Mr Jaiteh said APRC is no making joke of its demands.

The former West Coast Region Deputy Governor also denied allegations of APRC issuing threats to Gambia Center for Victims of Human Right violation, noting that his party only argued that no one could deny APRC the permit to hold a peaceful demonstration.

Mr. Jammeh is accused of committing gross human right violations and corruption during his 22-year rule of the West African nation. He had promised his supporters that he will rule the country for one billion years and refused to budge to any pressure, claiming that he was chosen by God.

Today’s demonstration showed party militants in t-shirts portraying the images of the former leader, with others brandishing placards asking the UN and other authorities to respect the agreement they had with Jammeh in 2016.

The party had earlier vowed to go ahead with the demonstration with or without police permit but a receipt of the ‘green lights’ came late on Wednesday.

Matching from Sukuta traffic light to the Brusubi turn-table, party militants flocked together chanting the word “promise is a promise” referring to the commitment between Jammeh and the sub-regional and international authorities.

In Mr Jaiteh’s view, the location of the demonstration was decided according to the proximity of the African Union office where the APRC leadership needed to hand its petition.

Story written by Amie Faye 

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