Ba Kawsu Fofana asks President Barrow to respect coalition 3 years agreement and step down

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gambia’s controversial Islamic scholar Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana has asked President Adama Barrow to respect the agreement he had with his coalition party leaders before the 2016 Presidential election and step down at the end of three years.
He said this will put an end to all the chaos surrounding his agreed three years mandate, including the campaign of the group that call themselves “Operation Three years jotna.”
Imam Fofana said those who voted for former President Yahya Jammeh and Mamma Kanteh in the 2016 election all voted that if any of them win, the person will lead the country for five years as mandated by the constitution but said for Adama Barrow, it was agreed for three years. “It is only today that he is insisting. If Barrow agrees for immediate election, the three years jotna will end,” he said.
The erudite scholar, who has been in tussle with former president Jammeh during his tenure reminded Gambians that when conflict and law are compared, they should put down the law and take the solution to end the conflict. “When conflict comes, it takes away both people and the law. Take Egypt as example, where people rise against Hosni Mubarak and he respected their views.”
He reminded President Barrow that he took a promise with the political leaders that formed the coalition and Gambian people during his campaign that he will lead the country for only three years and step down. “To solve three years jotna chaos, there are two solid and one easy ways. One, President Barrow should change his coalition team and supporters.”
Imam Fofana said there are few months to go before the three years and Mr. Barrow should call for election and tell the people that they have voted for him in the 2016 election and the agreement was to lead them for three years. “I am calling on the president, political leaders, the Independent Electoral Commission and all other leaders in the country to be mindful and listen to the complaints of the people carefully.”
He said he does not know who are leading the operation three years jotna and he do not want to know them but one thing he knew is that President Barrow came to power on January 18 2017 so he should call for election the same time after three years and he will never see or hear three years jotna people again. “Whether there will be chaos or not; whether tear gas will be fired at people or not, this will be the solution to the problem,” he said.
Imam Fofana said another solution to end the chaos is that Adama Barrow should form his own political party and agree for the three years to stand. “If you believe in yourself and your winning, do this.”
He said when former President Yahya Jammeh took over, they created a new constitution and organised the first election and he promised to stay for two years. “But later he insulted The Gambian politics, promising he will not be a politician but there was no noise as today.”

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