Ba Kawsu accuses Jammeh of directing his notorious NIA team that tortured him

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Erudite Imam and preacher Ba Kawsu Fofana has pointed an accusing finger on former President Yahya Jammeh for all the torments he went through in the hands of the most feared torture squad, National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

Testifying before the truth-seeking commission on Thursday, Imam further explained tales of torture and other inhumane treatments that were meted on him for nine days under NIA detention.

“Yahya Jammeh was the chairman and boss of the team that tortured me. I was beaten with sticks and pipes and sometime they will cover my head with a plastic bag,” he said.

The fearless preacher told the commission that his perpetrators would lay him down on his stomach and some of them will stand on his legs and they will start to beat him.

According to him, he will be picked from the cell between 3 and 4 am to go and torture him and after that they will ask him why he always call Yahya Jammeh as Banjul Mansa (King of Banjul) and they will also asked him to change his way of preaching and stop touching Jammeh, but he would tell them that it was Yahya Jammeh who touched the preaching.

“They beat me until one of my fingers go broken. I will be laughing while they are beating me and that always annoys them. But after the beating, what I suffered in their hands was all transferred to Yahya Jammeh himself because he spent the rest of all that period on medication. My finger was broken but his chair also got broken.”

Imam Fofana further testified that when one is doing jihad in the name of Allah, he must have a mark that he can show when you die.

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