Attempt to sow discord between China and Africa will never succeed: FM spokeswoman

EYEAFRICA TV: Beijing, China: Any attempts to sow discord between China and Africa will never succeed, said a spokeswoman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday.

Spokeswoman Hua Chunying made the remarks in response to a report about a U.S. government official who said that the U.S. government wants to stop China from helping African countries set up centers for disease control and prevention on the grounds that it is conspiring in scientific “espionage” which poses a threat to Africa, and that the centers are set up to steal the genome data of African people.

Hua said that this is exactly the same as the claim made by someone in the U.S. not long ago, which said that China established the African Union Conference Center and Office Complex to steal data from the African Union. It is completely groundless and reflects the fact that some people in the U.S. always measure the minds of others by the yardstick of their own.

Hua said that the U.S. official may not have known that the outbreak of Ebola in west Africa in 2014 highlighted the vulnerability of Africa’s public health system, and Africa was eagerly calling for international support to build an African center for disease control and prevention.

In 2015, China participated in the construction of African public health system and capacity of disease control and prevention including the center in good faith.

In 2016, China and the United States signed the memorandum of understanding on joint support for the African centers for disease control and prevention, agreeing to jointly support the construction of the centers, and help strengthen Africa’s capacity for public health and security, in accordance with the cooperation principle that these constructions are proposed, consented and led by the African side. Both China and the U.S. have dispatched experts to work at the headquarters as consultants to provide technical support.

Hua said that health care is an important area of China-Africa cooperation. So far, China has sent 21,000 medical workers to Africa, and treated 220 million patients in African countries. Some Chinese medical team members even sacrificed their precious lives for medical services in Africa, and were respected by the local people.

When Ebola ravaged Africa in March 2014, the United States and other Western countries closed their embassies and evacuated diplomats and their citizens from the three affected countries in west Africa.

The Chinese government dispatched personnel to assist Africa in the earliest time possible, sending not only urgently needed materials for the fight against the epidemic, but also a military and civilian medical team of more than 1,000 people to the worst-affected areas.

The Chinese Embassy, diplomats and medical experts all chose to stay put, working with the local people day and night until the final victory against Ebola was achieved.

Hua stressed that China is now in a critical stage in fighting against the novel coronavirus outbreak. The governments and people of many African countries have expressed their support to China in various ways. A friend in need is a friend indeed. The friendship between China and Africa is able to withstand all tests, and any attempt to sow discord between China and Africa will never succeed.

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