As Gambia’s crime rates skyrocket, police force sets strategies to combat criminal acts

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:- As the country’s crime rates skyrocket, the Gambia Police Force (GPF) is setting strategies to combat the criminal activities.

Over the years, Gambia has seen an increase in series of criminal activities relating to murder and armed robbery.

These criminal activities have instilled fear and insecurity among the populace in the small West African country, despite security strategies implemented by the police force.

The criminals mostly target victims based on perceived vulnerability by threatening them with violence.

The Public Relations Officer of The Gambia Police Force, Lamin Njie said they are aware of these crimes and are doing patrols across the country as a means of providing security for the people.

”We are aware and equally very concerned about crime happening within the country and that is why we are putting up a lot of strategies to ensure that we prevent crimes as much as possible,” he told Eye Africa TV in an interview.

According him, a Police Anti-Crime Unit was set up in almost all police stations across the country to reduce the crime rates.

Mr. Njie said community policing has also been introduced to address the situation.

”We are very concern about theft and that’s why also employ strategies of community policing to deal with the issues about theft within the communities.  Not just theft but crimes in general, because community policing has proven to be a very effective strategy to be able to deal with different forms of safety and security issues within communities.”

In the Gambia, crimes of various natures are being committed by citizens and foreigners almost everyday.

Reports showed that underemployment and poor economic growth has contributed to the rise in crime rates in the country.

Although, the issue of organised crime is less prominent in The Gambia than in other nations in Africa. But, it thus however, presents a serious issue for the country and its citizens.

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