APT Services Launche DAHA To Ease Access To Skilled Market

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: As part of its efforts to redefine the informal sector in order to attract the unemployed youth in provision of skilled market, APT Services launched scouting and training avenue dubbed, DAHA.

Steamed from the native Mandinka tongue, the term refers to the creation of convenient access to services in the informal sector such as cleaning, housekeeping, gardening, and babysitting.

The organisational logo depicts a vision to change the narrative of poor conditions, low wages and lack of job security associated with the informal industry.

“APT Services’ latest product seeks to promote trade in the informal sector by connecting skilled workers with Clients”, says Fatou Jobateh, Chief Executive of APT Services’.

This private industry came about 2017 by three graduates of the University of Gambia with the objective of providing employment for the illiterate and Semi-literate segment of the Population. From initial efforts to merely avoid their enlistment to the pool of unemployed youth in the country, the team has earned a niche in taking along the less considered groups in the job market in collaboration with highly demanding clients especially in major urban towns.

Mrs  Jobarted noted that as advocate for social entrepreneurship, they belief in the social impact and the lives touched as a result of their establishment. “Giving them [employees] their pay check with the knowledge that it goes a long way to support them is usually very fulfilling.”

Compelled by the large number of employable forces in the skills sector, Co-Founder of APT Services’, Ruqayah Sesay describe DAHA as a process through which client are assured of reliable customer services on both household and official assignments relating to man power and creativity.

“We abandon the fear of mistakes along the way to keep moving in the youth empowerment crusade and then respond to customer service need”, she said, noting that her organization aims to inflate the employment space in assumption of its part in national development.

She said her organization will with the launch of DAHA facilitate the procurement of services including carpentry, welding, and housekeeping from the informal market for clients in a convenient mean.

The idea of job creation rather than job seeking was hailed by the Director of Employment at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment, Ajara Jallow whose department is so much occupied with worries of unemployment cases.

“I go to bed and fail to sleep, when I think of youth unemployment in this country”, she said, adding that government may not be able to solitarily win the fight.

Mrs Jallow pledged on behalf of The Gambia Government, to engage APT Services with a view to expand and nourish the idea youth employment initiated through the DAHA initiative.

The Chief Executive Office of TAF Africa who preside over the launching of DAHA, enjoined the APT management team to remain awake even while many comrades are asleep.

He said that entrepreneurship is synonymous to risk taking but that is not anything to discourage them. Often, he said that he failed but most of the time people choose to talk about his successes simply because giving up is not part of the options.

“Never give up”, even though there are so many obstacles mainly from the society. All it needs, he said is to always have the believe that one is prepared to make it in life.

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