EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: APRC interim party leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta have said his party’s 50,000 mass political rally planned for today will be held in a peaceful environment with or without security from the state. The former parliamentary majority leader was speaking in a televised interview ahead of what is expected to be APRC’s biggest political event since last year’s presidential election.
” We have been issued with a permit by the police and this rally will take place peacefully. We look forward to having a successful rally. Gambians still love APRC and this will be proven come Saturday”.
Jatta who couldn’t confirm if they will be provided with security said he is urging his party militants to remain peaceful.
Earlier, Eye Africa TV Security and diplomatic analyst Essa Bubacarr Sey in an exclusive interview said; the onus lies on both government and APRC members to ensure their rally takes place in peace and within the confinement of the law. He said the Police being the sole entity that is legally charged with the responsibility of issuing permits for political rallies, should provide security at the rally.

”I want to believe they know better that after issuing the permit for such a rally, their next step should be to provide security on the ground. But we must not forget that it is not only the police who have such responsibility. Even APRC militants bear some form of responsibility to ensure their rally takes place peacefully”Sey noted.
”Yes he has given us all assurance and I seriously take him for his words. But that’s not enough because whether they are provided with security or not I expect it to be done peacefully”.
Commenting further, he said people must not forget that the country’s security is fragile at the moment and Gambians must unite in order to ensure that peace continues to reign in the country.
Meanwhile, as the APRC prepares for its biggest event since the presidential election, the build-up to the event have been gaining momentum online. But many believe those still proudly associating with the former ruling party have no sympathy and respect for victims of the former Jammeh administration.

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