Another TRRC witness holds Jammeh Responsible of her Parents' Ill-health

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A native of Sintet village in Foni Jarrol District who testified before the TRRC in its Thursday public hearing on former President Yahya Jammeh’s 2009 witch-hunting exercise in Sibanorr, has pointed an accusing finger on Mr Jammeh for being responsible for the ill-health condition of both her parents.
Jarra Colley said she was with her sister at Tabokoto who she visited there at the time when her son informed her that both her mum and dad were been taken to Kanilai by witch-hunters. “I asked who took them away and he told me it was Yahya Jammeh who sent the witch-hunters to take them to Kanilai,” she added.
Mrs Colley said she immediately decided to come back home and upon arrival, she went straight to her father’s house and found that he was back and he confirmed to her that both him and her mother were forcefully taken to Kanilai. “But my father told me that he left my mother there.”
She said her father told her that it was one Sutay Bah who came to Kanilai to look after his people and brought him back home but he never wanted leave his wife behind, but he had no option.
“My father told me that while he was in his house, men who were dressed in red came after my mother in her house and dragged her out and when he came out and asked what happened, they said they were going to give her medicine. He said he asked them whether it was them who should cure her or it was him, but the men insisted on taking her away and later decided to take both of them to Kanilai,” she stated.
Mrs Colley also told the commission that after her father returned, her mother was kept in Kanilai for three days and she did not know what was happening to her because she was ashamed to go out, knowing that her parents were randomly branded as witch and wizard in their family, which was painful and embarrassing.
She said since her parents returned from Kanilai, where they were given concoction to drink by the witch-hunters, their health conditions have been deteriorating to date. “My mother used to be a strong woman but now she can’t even walk for long distance and my father is also not feeling well,” she added.

Story written by Amadou Kanteh

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