Angolan diamond revenue reaches 409 million USD in last quarter of 2019 

EYEAFRICA TV: Luanda, Angola: According to balance sheet data for the last quarter of 2019 in the diamond sector, the average price for the period under analysis was USD 136.40/carat, representing a 10.2% reduction compared to the similar period in 2018, due to the situation international diamond market.

In the quarter in question, a total volume of300,4250 carats was sold, corresponding to a 19.8% increase in production compared to the same period, after the sale of two production cycles by Sociedade Mineira de Catoca in December.

It is known that 89.4% (a total of 2.685/carats) of the diamonds traded come from primary deposits of kimberlites and the remaining 10.6% (a total of 319,049/carats) of alluvial origin.

The diamonds traded in the period in question came from the provinces of Lunda Sul with the largest share (89%), Lunda Norte and Bié.

The report presented on Friday reflects that in 2019 the second rough diamond auction was held, having sold two lots of 127,700 carats each, which generated a total revenue of USD 24.1 million, and nine special stones with total weight of 320.87 carats, which generated revenue of USD 3.7 million.

Overall, in 2019, 944,1807 carats were sold, which provided gross revenue of 1,229,397,000 dollars, representing a 12.3% increase in production and an increase 6.2% revenue.

On the sidelines of the presentation session of the balance sheet of the diamond sub-sector, the Secretary of State for Geology and Mines, Jânio Correia Victor, stated that the government intends to increase its annual diamond production to 14 million carats, in order to comply with the goals established in the National Development Plan (PDN 2018-2022).

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