Angola reports first two deaths from COVID-19

EYEAFRICA TV: Luanda Angola: The Angolan authorities, yesterday announced the first two deaths, due to the Covid-19. These are two men, one 59 years old and the other 37. Currently, The country has 5 people infected with covid-19.

Angola registered the first two deaths caused by Covid-19, Angolan Health Authorities announced at a press conference on Sunday.

According to the Angolan Health Authorities, the two patients both died on Saturday, one being a 59-year-old man, who regularly resided in Portugal and returned to Angola on March 12, and the other a 37-year-old Angolan man, who returned to Angola on March 13.

Angola registered the first two positive COVID-19 cases on March 21, followed by the third on March 23, the fourth and fifth on March 26 and 28, most of whom are Angolan citizens from Portugal.

So far, Angola has carried out 231 tests of the new coronavirus ( Covid-19), five of which are positive, in a percentage of 2.16% of the number of the samples tested in the country.

According to the Angolan Health Authorities, starting this Sunday, the sector will accelerate the test in a process with 50 to 100 tests to be carried out daily.

Speaking at the usual press conference to update the data, the official explained that 62 samples, from a batch of one hundred, were processed in the last 24 hours (48 tests).

The Angolan Health Autorities, informed that in addition to these samples being processed, there are 1,089 citizens in institutional quarantine throughout the country, of which 557 in the capital Luanda.

The rest of the citizens are fulfilling the institutional quarantine period in the provinces of Cunene (158 cases), Bié (4), Cuanza Norte (3), Uíge (14), Huíla (36) and Huambo (27), apart from people in home quarantine.

The authorities recalled that there are two types of quarantines (institutional and home), due to the lack of logistical conditions and scarcity of human resources.

Four months after triggering the outbreak, Angola registered last Saturday, March 28th, the fifth positive case of the new coronavirus, contracted by a 54-year-old Angolan citizen coming from Brazil.

The first two positive cases of Covid-19 in the country were detected on the 21st of March.

The third on the 23rd and the fourth on the 26th of the same month, involving Angolan citizens coming from Portugal, including a 41-year-old woman.

The country has since March 27 been under a state of emergency.

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