An attack on President Barrow is an attack on Banjul- Gambia at Work says at first citizens' dialogue

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: President Adama Barrow has been given a tap-at-the back following a huge support for his 5 years office mandate by a new organisation called Gambia at Work.
The organisation Saturday morning gathered hundreds of Gambians at the Atlantic Hotel in Banjul to express their solidarity with Mr Barrow on his 5 years mandate on a platform called citizens’ dialogue.
Gambia at Work is a national development support organization. The citizens’ dialogue was organized under the theme: An attack on President Barrow is an attack on Banjul.
Its president and founder, Haddy Jallow said they do not support Mr Barrow in person but they give their support to the work that he is doing, saying there should not be any interruption of the ongoing works in Banjul as a result of the ‘Operation 3 years jotna.’
The Operation 3 years jotna is a group of people who have been pressurising Mr Barrow to step aside at the end of his three years in office and allow for the conduction of a fresh election as agreed with leaders of the seven-member coalition parties that brought him to power in the 2016 general elections.
But in September, some of the coalition 2016 members, except for the United Democratic Party (UDP) and Peoples’ Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) met Mr Barrow at statehouse where they announced that they have agreed to allow him to lead the country for five years instead of three.
Mrs Jallow appealed with members of the ‘operation 3 years jotna’ to use dialogue to settle their campaign, saying removing the president is not the solution. ‘Attempting to remove the president will not give you what you want,” she added.
She asked Gambians to organize dialogues, and invite presidents like Buhari of Nigeria, Maki Sall of Senegal and ECOWAS to a dialogue. “We can do it, so let’s do it, and together Gambia will be a successful country’ Mrs Jallow said.
Kebba .T. Njie, a business Consultant who spoke on the importance of unity told the gathering that Gambians must not allow to divide on tribal lines. “It is because of who we are that other nationalities found Gambia a safe place. Let us not take what we have and what God has given us for granted,” he said.
Mr Njie said the only way forward is for citizens to put Gambia above all, reminding them that they are one people and not enemies.
He added they should always know that they are Gambians even outside the country, and should distance themselves from promoting their individual tribes because that will only separate them. He said that will bring hatred, lack of appreciation between Gambians and divided families.
“I think it is better for the elections to be held in 2021 and allow the president to complete his mandate,” Momodou Sabally, former secretary general said.
Mr Sabally spoke on the role of young people in nation building, saying there will not be peace if the youth are not committed.

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