Amadou Samba Denies Handling the Management of kairaba Hotel

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Business tycoon Amadou Samba has denied a statement by Lie Conteh that he was handed the management of Kairaba beach hotel, saying he was never involved in the management of that hotel and if that was true then there would have been evidence of this adding that he has never signed any cheque oh anything dealing with the hotel unless when his advice was needed.
Testifying as the 53nd witness before the Commission of Inquiry that was established in June to probe into institutions and bodies in connection to their dealings with Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh, Mr. Samba said if the commission is not convinced, Mr. Conteh can still produce a letter that indicates he was handed the managerial position of the kairaba Hotel.
Mr. Conteh, a one-time Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council in his earlier testimony said Mr. Samba was once give the management responsibility of the hotel.
But Mr. Samba told the commission that if that statement was really made by Mr. Conteh, then it was a retaliation.
He said there was no occasion when he discussed Kairaba hotel issue with former president Jammeh. He said the late Baba Jobe knew about the offers made to him on various properties and at some point, Mr Jobe himself had asked him to informally introduce him to one Mr. Peter smith. “I was always keep in the dark when there were any shady dealings ” he added.
Mr. Samba said he knew from the onset that the whole thing was meant for former President Jammeh, even though it was Baba Jobe who he introduced to Mr. Smith, who was then the owner of the hotel.
He said he was appointed board chairman of the hotel, which he decried as “just a symbolic chairman,” saying he cannot say that it was Ex-President Jammeh who appointed him but rather Baba Jobe.
Mr. Samba being aware of all that and with his suspicion that Mr. Jobe was not in any capacity to purchase the hotel, he couldn’t decline to his offer. “He regarded me as a brother and have always solicited for my advice even with all my suspicions about him not capacity to purchase the Hotel”.

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