After nearly 6 hours, internet service is restored in The Gambia

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA:-Internet service delivery has been restored in The Gambia after nearly six hours with total outage.

The country has on Tuesday experienced a second total internet shutdown in 30 days. The internet outage which seriously affected general operations across the country is said to have started around 13:30pm and lasted for about 6 hours.

“Dear subscriber, due to a fiber cut on the internet backup cable affecting the entire country all data services are down. We will update as soon as the service is restored,” Africell sent to its subscribers in a text message.

Many Gambians took to social media to express their frustration and dissatisfaction with the internet service disruption and called better service delivery.

“Hi tweeps .. we are good . We just took a break from the internet to reflect,” Salieu Taal wrote on Twitter welcoming resumption of internet service.

“They can’t compensate they should be fully privatized to get effective service delivery. The bottomline sir we need a second submarine cable in country,” Poncelet Ileleji suggested.

Lare Sisay said every efficient service delivery entity would’ve backup systems but not in The Gambia. “Our service providers relish giving excuses for poor service quality and delivery.”

Another Gambian user wrote: “Imagine the backup internet also having issues 😭💀💀do you know what backup means? nahh gambia is a playstation.”

It could be recalled that the nation faced the same internet blackout on 2nd January, 2021 causing distress to internet users across the country.

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