Africa Land Policy Conference calls for action against corruption in land sector

EYEAFRICA TV: Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire: The 2019 Conference on Land Policy in Africa closed on Friday in Abidjan, the capital of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa, bringing together more than 450 participants from 30 countries of the continent and around the world.
The summit, organized by the African Union in collaboration with the African Development Bank, aims to find solutions to the problems of land in sub-Saharan Africa.
According to delegates, land must be equitably distributed and accessible by all. Seychelles, Botswana, and Rwanda have been ranked among the least corrupt countries in Africa.
“Why do we not recognize that land is a collective? It must be managed by traditional authorities. If we can do that, we will find the solutions. We are delighted to be invited here to speak about it because it is through dialogue that the solution will be found,” said Mfumu Difima, secretary general of National Alliance of Traditional Authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The biennial five-day event also enabled leaders and experts to exchange views on how they can tackle corruption in the land sector. Experts say corruption hampers efforts to promote good governance, socio-economic transformation, peace and security in Africa.
“We come from diverse backgrounds. The conference has not only given us a good opportunity to exchange knowledge and share experience, but also let us know the extent of the phenomenon (land corruption),” said Oudraogo Pierre, a land expert from Burkina Faso.

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