AfDB pledges $6.5B for Africa’s Great Green Wall initiative

EYEAFRICA TV: Paris, FRANCE:- The African Development Bank (AfDB) has pledged to mobilize $6.5 billion over five years in support of Africa’s Great Green Wall initiative.

The announcement was made on Monday at the 4th One Planet Summit hosted by France virtually.

The Great Green Wall is a project led by the African Union to combat increasing desertification in the region.

Its plan is to plant an 8,000 km long and 15 km wide mosai of trees, grasslands, vegetation and plants across Africa’s Sahara and Sahel that can restore the degraded lands and help the region’s inhabitants produce adequate food, create jobs and promote peace across North and West Africa.

Climate change has led to extreme temperatures, fluctuating rainfall and drought in the Sahel, a region that is home to 250 million people living in ten countries. Millions of livelihoods and hard-won development progress are threatened.

African Development Bank’s president Akinwumi Adesina said without the Great Green Wall, the Sahel region may disappear, nothing that the future of the region depends on it.

“The Great Green Wall is a wall worth building. A wall that protects our collective existence. A wall for the environment—a wall for the planet,” he emphasized.

To the French President Emmanuel Macron, the project is a laudable initiative.

“The Great Green Wall is an African initiative to green the Sahel. It is a chance for ecology, for biodiversity, for agriculture and populations,” he added, while assuring the commitment of the actors to mobilize $14.3 billion to accelerate the project.

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